Friday, 1 January 2016

StreetFlower’s Early Steps.

One of the very first things I did when I was planning StreetFlower was entering the idea for it into the Enfield Innovation competition of 2013. StreetFlower was lucky enough to be one of the twenty-five ideas shortlisted to go through to the Innovation Masterclass stage of the competition. This represented the high watermark in success as far as competition entries go!  Nevertheless, as a result of the shortlisting I was invited to attend thetwo day Enfield Innovation Masterclass which was held at the Dugdale Centre in Enfield town.

So imagine my delight when earlier this month I added a new petal for the Dugdale Centre on to the StreetFlower map. It was a special moment for me adding the location where the concept of StreetFlower the first discussed in a publicly.  As a result the Dugdale Centre marked one of the first steps on the journey that sees the development and growth of StreetFlower. So it is an immense pleasure for the Dugdale to have its own “petal” on StreetFlower. 

Image copyright  © Enfield Council 

Along with the Dugdale we added Enfield Council's other venues, the Millfield Theatre and Forty Hall. It is a pleasure to have Enfield’s important cultural hubs appearing on StreetFlower.  An additional connection you will notice is that the organic & natural wine bar Eco Vino Teatro which is based in the Dugdale Centre can also be contacted through StreetFlower.

The Enfield Innovation competition was sponsored by Enfield Council with Middlesex University’s RedLoop Design. So I wanted to finish the year with big thank you to Enfield Council for adding their venues to StreetFlower and helping to make a reality something which started with a sketchy idea in an innovation masterclass.  

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