Tuesday, 26 April 2016

StreetFlower Explained

StreetFlower is an online directory for local shops and businesses built on a digital map.  Each business has its own digital shop window and is represented on the map by a custom petal. When other shops in an area join the petals cluster to form flowers. 

When you explore the map you will find some red dots around the London area. Zoom in and they will develop into to "flowers" and then "petals". By clicking on to the petals you access the digital shop window of the connected store.  Since launching StreetFlower in October last year businesses and shops around London have joined and helped test this concept. 

When you join StreetFlower you will get a customised petal pointing to your business's location on the map and directing  customers  to your premises. This petal opens to your own mobile friendly digital shop window which provides the following:

                       Your address and directions to find you,
                       Links to your website or online store and social media,
                       One touch telephone for users to contact you
                       Your opening hours information,
                       A message field for customers to email.

 To register and join StreetFlower shops simply email me to me with the following information and I set up their petal:

                       Your address and postcode,
                       Your phone number and email address,
                       Links to your social media accounts,
                       Your website,
                       Your opening times,
                       A description of your business,
                       And a photo or avatar for your digital shop window.

So if you have a small business or independent shop and would like to get your own custom petal on StreetFlower get in contact for you free listing.

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