Thursday, 7 April 2016

Building StreetFlower

In recent months I have been working with shops and businesses in North London. I am hugely grateful to these early adopters, who have joined since we launched. Their participation has allowed me to test the concept and work towards further developing and commercialising  the StreetFlower along with discovering  a few issues which will need to be ironed out! For this I thank them for their patience.

Since StreetFlower works and it is of potential value to local business and independent shops it seems the next logical step in attempting to build a business into a network of flowers. 

So, until the end of June 2016 there is a special introductory subscription offer for new joiners.

You can subscribe to StreetFlower at a special discounted rate of £25.00 for six months – that’s less than a pound a week. Furthermore, 10% of all subscriptions will be donated to local charities. The full membership is £52.00 for six months. 

This will get you your own digital shop window containing :

Your address and directions to find you, 
Links to your website or online store and social media feeds,
One touch telephone for users to contact you, 
Your opening hours information,
A message field for customers to email.

Email us at to join up and get your very own customised petal!

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