Thursday, 26 November 2015

Joiners , This is what you get...

…and it's all free, for the moment. 

Recently I've had a number of conversations with people about StreetFlower and what are the benefits for a shop or businesses get by registering?

In short, the nuts and bolts of it, you'll get the following:

When you register your business on StreetFlower you will select from one of eight categories and then choose an individual icon to customise your petal. This will help users  idenifiky the type of business you are. The petal will illustrate your business's location on the StreetFlower map. 
 When it is clicked on this petal opens to your own digital shop window. This offers the ability to upload an image to your digital shop window. 

The address will provides a link to directions to you. 
Links to your website and social media feeds can be added. 
Opening hours information. 
A message field for people to get in touch via email.

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